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I'm, first of everything else, a software developer, because it fits my way of thinking the world: as a big, mostly good, working system in which there's always place to learn something new.

My first crash on computers happened at the age of 7 with an IBM Model 5150 presented from a family friend.

Since then, I have always used computers for many useful and "less useful" tasks but never considered them as a future work source before the age of 16 when I first met the C at High School.

I've been hired at my first work place at 7Pixel during my last Bachelor's degree stage and there is where I first met the Agile manifesto and Xp Programming

I'm currently living in Berlin

Working Experiences

Da crew wins da prizes
  • Full stack developer with .Net MVC and Ruby Sinatra
  • Backend developer and mantainer with Java and Apache Solr
  • Native mobile developer on iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms
  • Api developer with Ruby Sinatra

I worked since the kickstart as fullstack developer on the Drezzy project using .NET framework based technologies like MVC framework 3.x, IIS web server and C#

As the first big software project of my life I really enjoyed working on it because the great independence and trust the business gave to me and my team.

After the Drezzy project my team was asked to move in a big technical update of the existing backend infrastructure for the whole 7Pixel network.

In that occasion I've worked with Apache Solr and Java and met the fundamentals of backend developing and mantainance.

After a good year of exciting challenges and good working I was asked to start the internal developing of the native Android app for the TrovaPrezzi price comparison engine, the biggest in Italy

So I started with the fundamentals of Android developing at when, in 2011/2012, was solidly bound to the 2.3.x versions -.-

Native apps in iOS and Windows Phone followed, strong with the great results took by the Android version

Also the backend was in our charge, completely developed in house using Ruby language

My last working project in Italy was Kirivo as a Fullstack developer using Ruby before moving to Berlin in 2017 and starting working at Helpling as Senior Backend Ruby Developer

Stuff I like

I consider myself an adventurous guy even if my pear-shaped body says the opposite.

One of my first passions is Air-soft in which I learned the value of team-play, analyzing the actions done and don't get shot by projectile based weapons.

I'm an amateur actor, I acted in some theatrical groups near my town making people laughing and crying.

I even just started a theatrical improvisation course in which I'm feeling happy

Ow, and don't forget the Comics! I love comic books and graphic novels and collecting them. I own a good library of italian, european and american Comic books